Little Mix are so IDGAF and people are finally waking up to it

Even Stormzy has confessed his love for them

Yes, this is an article about Little Mix and rightfully so. A few years back, it was fair to see them as Cowell’s puppets, designed for the X factor. The music was overly sweet, styling garish and they tragically released a line for Primark.

Fast forward to 2017 and they are no longer of just the reserve of 10 year old girls and pop-loving gay guys, people are no longer sleeping on Little Mix.  Touch is the anthem of 2017, you’ll now hear them in clubs, and even Stormzy has confessed he is partial to a bit of LM. Frankly, they’re fucking smashing it.

Gradually, banger after banger, they’re hooking everyone in. Even the least suspecting fans are getting won over, hailing them as turning it around and doing ‘a Bieber’. Yes, I’m looking at you Adam from Coventry. You can try to fool everyone with your deep house soundcloud and Ellesse aesthetic, but even you are insecure about kidnapping a nine year old in a bid to get front of stage at The O2.

Alongside being slick performers and more than capable of holding a note, Jade, Perrie, Jesy , and Leigh-Anne are also pretty IDGAF at moment. You only need to watch the videos of them celebrating ‘Best British Single’ at this year’s Brit Awards to see why. Just a bunch of normal girls having a blast, but also unknowingly hilarious. Jesy is completely bevved, slurring her words on the red carpet, suggestively licking their Brit statuette, and also shouting ‘we are very drunk, but we don’t give a shit’. They wouldn’t look out of place in any city centre on a Saturday night and that’s their appeal. They are normal girls with an ‘I don’t care’ attitude.

As they’ve grown up, their style has naturally evolved, but this hasn’t gone unnoticed. They’ve recently found themselves in the middle of media criticism for their ‘too sexualised’ outfits.  Mel C was one of the main offenders in calling out their provocative stage wear, which is all a bit hypocritical if you ask me. Blatantly cherry-picking the convenient parts of her the past in the spotlight, it all seems a bit questionable considering she used to fly the flag for girl power and individual choice during the 90’s.

It is not on the same level of raunchy as say Beyoncé or Rihanna, and it isn’t that far off gymnast attire. As they’ve said themselves, it smacks of double standards and that they are perfectly comfortable in their outfits. Yes they have young fans, but they didn’t ask to be role models and they’re doing a pretty good job with it as it is. If Little Mix have killed the performance, you can guarantee a cheap shot will be made at ‘controversy’ of their clothes. Get over it, they’re in their mid twenties, free to wear what they please, and express their sexuality openly.

Using their profile for good, their recent book has touched on the sensitive issues ‘self destructive’ battles with anorexia, racist taunting , mental health, and online bullying.  An example of solidarity on and off stage, they’ve waited for when people are ready to sit up and listen to what they have to say. Their fame at the moment means people are certainly doing just that. Smashing chart records by both the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child, they’ve reached unprecedented levels of commercial success for a British female act from a manufactured TV background.  A stigma they’ve clearly managed to shed.

This only leaves two key questions unanswered: when can we be part of their gang and do they want some mash with all those bangers?