A petition is campaigning for a vegan option at John’s Van

Reasons given include ‘vegan sausages are peng’

A petition has started which demands a vegan option at iconic uni food location John’s Van.

Vegsoc President and future Development Officer, Megan McGrath, has started the petition, which is currently just short of 200 signatures. It aims to achieve 1,000.

The petition reads: “Currently, the vegans and vegetarians (that enjoy more than cheese and egg sandwiches) of Sheffield are being cruelly denied the enjoyment of a morning John’s Van to get them through the long, cold and gloomy days that are so very common here in Yorkshire.”

“Especially after Interval stopped their weekday breakfasts, there is a massive hole in many lives, shaped just like a Linda McCartney sausage bap, that we are pleading to be filled.

“John’s Van don’t believe there is the demand for a vegan option, so please sign and share this petition to prove that us vegans and veggies Linda McCartneed catering for!”

Not one but an impressive two Linda McCartney puns in there, although “cold and gloomy” is questionable following Sheffield’s recent heatwave (which has surpassed an unbelievable 13°C degrees).

Taking on a truly spiritual significance to many a student, John’s Van is a cornerstone of campus thanks to its hot and cold rolls that never fail to hit the spot.

As the petition states, the Van’s staff are not fully convinced that the demand is there.

Those who have signed it so far would beg to differ – offering a wide range of arguments favouring a vegan option.

Reasons for signing so far include “Linda McCartney sausages are wicked!” and “Everyone should have the right to quick and easy food on the go. Plus vegan sausages are Peng.”

Only time will tell. Depending on the petition’s performance, the van may soon have its own vegan variant.