Where would we be without our mums?

Not all heroes wear capes

It’s that time of the year when we’re finally humbled, and attempt to express our gratitude in a 99p card and a trip to the florist. Uni life, and the student budget that goes with it, will never be enough to raise our mums to goddess, life-saver level, but here are just a few ways in which we will be eternally grateful for our mums.

When she sends you little treats in the post

Having to get your mum to send you documents or a book can be a right faff… for her I mean, not you. Not only is your mum finding what you mean, packaging it, paying for postage; she also slips you in a double decker and a postcard saying ‘love you sweetheart, you’re doing great and making us all proud’. What did we ever do to deserve our Mums?

When she replies to your texts instantly

Your mum will never ghost you, or ignore your texts, and it’s guaranteed that she’ll have her phone on full volume just waiting for a text from you. She’s living for our dilemmas: “Should this grey top go in with the light or dark washing?”, “How long do you bake a potato for?”, “How much does it cost to post a letter?”. Any issue, any decision you don’t want to make alone, even the routine text to assure her that you’re alive; your mum will reply in 10 seconds. And if she doesn’t, she’ll probably call to apologise later that she was just chatting to Linda down the road. Mum will never let you down. (She might just get a little annoyed when your replies aren’t quite as eager)

When she brings you shopping at every visit

Her presence is enough, taking you out for lunch or coffee is enough, but still your Mum does more. She’ll show up with a Bag for Life full of cakes that ‘you’ve just got to try’, blocks of halloumi to help you out with your expensive addiction, bags of crisps, bottles of coke. Maybe she’ll even bring you some Aussie shampoo just in case you were running low. Extra mum points for homemade food or frozen meals, and ultimate mum point if she brings you one of those cakes that your Grandma bakes.

When you check the post and she’s sent you a surprise card

“Big hugs!” Mum’s are too pure for this world…

When she compliments you on Snapchat

Maybe it is just because she misses you, or she wants to brighten up your day a bit when she knows you’re drowning in work. But when your mum says ‘You look gorgeous!!!’ , do you really need any other affirmation?

When she keeps all your favourite shows recorded on the tv at home

As if you haven’t already binge watched the entirety of America’s Next Top Model online, but still the sentiment is there.

When she sends you good morning texts

Who needs a bae when your mum comes through with the good morning message pretty much every day? “Have a good day darling’”, and you know what mum, I WILL. It also helps when your mum has more of a grasp on your calendar and schedule than you do. Morning text with to-do lists and positive affirmations included? Guru, personal assistant, best friend forever, mum.

When she posts Facebook statuses about your achievements

Your friends might not be bothered about the high 2.1 you got on that essay you wrote in 4 hours, but all your mum’s friends sure are. There is no higher praise than your mum bragging about your achievements. Who cares about the opinions of your peers, or your tutors, or really the general outcome of your degree? Your mum will post about your graduation regardless.

We don’t say it enough, but thank you Mum. We appreciate it.