People have lost their minds trying to get Basshunter tickets

Brexit Britain, Day 263: £30 for two tickets

Ahead of Eurodance icon and walking meme Basshunter playing Plug tomorrow, the ticket marketplace is fierce and chaotic.

For those lucky enough to get tickets, a truly unique night lies ahead. Many didn’t, and it’s safe to say that Facebook has descended into absolute mayhem.

The original cost of the tickets was £4 but, in the hope of hearing the iconic All I Ever Wanted and Now You’re Gone live, people are going well above and beyond that.

One man today announced that he is selling two tickets for no less than £30. It remains to be seen whether any individual is willing to pay quite this much.

£30 could get you two Circa Waves tickets for Saturday…or alternatively…

There have been countless “selling a ticket” posts to Plug’s event page. More reasonable offers start at £5 and £6, though there isn’t a single ticket being sold at face value in sight.

One of the more reasonable offers

“Happy to pay way over odds for it…… ££££” shows how far some people are willing to go ahead of the occasion. Sensing a chance to make a profit, ticket holders are considering their next move.

It’s all he’s ever wanted

Somewhat unrealistically, Plug have urged people to sell tickets on at face value. For a city more used to Bassboy than Basshunter, they had perhaps underestimated his sheer popularity.

To mark the arrival of Swedish EDM royalty, Plug have promised a “Huge Ibiza Style Smoking Terrace”, which seems about as legit as an email from a Nigerian prince offering large sums of money.

There will also be “T-shirt giveaways”, thousands in attendance and “pyrotechnics” – although you’d expect nothing less when an absolute anthem like Now You’re Gone drops.

With Basshunter set to treat us to his greatest hits and then perform a DJ set (Sandstorm please), it’s no wonder demand is sky high.

Only now tickets are gone, people realise their love for him is strong. It’s safe to say the Sheff leg of Basshunter’s UK tour seems to be the hottest ticket in town tomorrow.