Sheffield woman bites off partner’s ear after birthday binge

She also grabbed an officers earpiece and called him a pig

A 34 year-old Sheffield woman, Cheryl Casson, has been jailed after biting her partner’s ear off and threatening him with a knife after a birthday binge on crack cocaine.

Prosecutor Beverley Tate told Sheffield Crown Court that when police officers arrived at her property, they found her 60-year-old partner standing outside holding the piece of his ear had been bitten off.  Casson then said to officers: “I fucking did it, I bit his ear off’.”

The incident, which happened on Thursday 29th December last year, took place on Spofforth Road in the Darnall area of the city.

The court heard that Casson and her partner had an altercation, fuelled by a cocktail of crack cocaine and alcohol prior to the police arriving on the scene.

She was prosecuted at Sheffield Crown Court

Her partner, who refused to make a police statement against her, was taken out to an ambulance waiting outside the property that Casson began banging on as he received treatment for his injuries.

Cheryl Casson entered a guilty plea at the first opportunity and admitted to an offence of wounding and to possession of a bladed weapon at an earlier hearing.

To add even more drama to the incident, Casson also grabbed an earpiece out of a police officers ear while, shouting that he was a “pig”. Thing for ears maybe?