Clubbers of the week: midterm special

Let it loose

So its week four and work may be starting to pile up, but this hasn’t got you slamming on the breaks. Here is a selection of the best photos from this week, top work all.

Stunners of the week

Impressive brow work.


Smiles all round.

Bass face of the week

Getttttt it.

Princess of the week

Most dedicated to fancy dress

Why so serious?

Just incredible all round.

Least willing to partake in photos

Absolutely not having it.

When your side-man wants a photo but you’re not playing around.

Secret keeper of the week

So mysterious.

Most excited to be in Plug

Good lord.

Most excitable clubbers

Solid background finger gestures.

Disillusioned clubber of the week

“How have I got here? What does it all mean?”

Group photo of the week

Where is she off then?

Haircut of the week

“Just a bit of the side thanks.”

Suspect lipstick smudge of the week

We see you.

Fancy dress of the week


Photo credits: Leo Bojesen.