Here’s everything you could buy with the Sheffield Vice Chancellor’s salary

You could buy over 200,000 VKs from the Union


Hot off the heels of the news that Vice Chancellor Keith Burnett blew almost £50,000 on flights and hotels in the last academic year (the highest of all the chancellors in the country) and is earning a whopping £422,706 a year we thought it would be helpful to see what you could buy with a salary so large.

Spoiler: A lot.

211,353 VKs

If he was looking boost his lad credentials, the Vice Chancellor could help himself to a whopping 211,353 VKs on a night out with the boys. That’s a lot of straws.

105,676 Steins from Bierkeller

If you like to spend your spare time dancing on seats (but never the table) and drinking huge glasses of beer, then with this pay packet, you could buy 105,676 steins from Bierkeller.

84,541 Pop Tarts tickets

If Bierkeller isn’t really your scene have no fear. As we all know, there ain’t no party like a Pop Tarts party, and with a budget like Keith’s you could buy yourself and every single student at Sheff Uni three nights of pure pop ecstasy. No more begging for a ticket on a freshers’ page or tragically queueing in Bar One at 10pm.


136,356 Corp blue pints

Not content with waiting for Wednesday’s skool disco to down your fave blue beverage? Invest in this supply of Sheffield’s most popular pint and you can practically have sin and regret on tap.

76,439 litres of Henderson’s Relish

Once described as ‘easily the best non-alcoholic liquid on the face of the earth’ (by KT Tunstall, remember her?), Hendo’s is a Yorkshire institution. With thousands of litres of the spicy sauce, you could literally bathe in the special blend of cayenne peppers, vinegar, and cloves.

56,360 Notty House pies

With this volume of life-changing pies, you could cure one hell of a hangover or alternatively be able to buy every student at Sheffield uni, Undergrad and Masters, two pies each. It’s your call.

Think how much gravy you could get

26,562,360 Yorkshire Tea Bags

Oh yes, you could buy enough Yorkshire tea bags to last you five millenniums until the year 7900.

You could buy this three bed detached house in Sheffield

That’s right, for the same salary as big Keith, you could buy a family home in the Sheffield suburbs. Complete with picturesque wooden beams and a wine cellar, you can say goodbye to that dingy Crookes student house and splash out on a beautiful English home.

28,199 large cheese and tomato Domino’s pizzas

Yes, with a salary like Keith’s you could buy 28,199 large pizzas from Domino’s. Never be hungry again with enough delicious pizzas to last you 77 years.

Domino’s is the one

You could buy a private island

Falling just shy of the wage, Keith could live it up on this scenic island in Alaska and have the spare pocket money to flight out his mates. Woodland Sesh.

65,031 Bar One Beef Burgers

With a whopper salary like Keith’s, you could buy a whole lot of beef burgers from Bar One.

105,676 bottles of WSL £4 wine

With a salary like Burnett’s, you could buy enough £4 bottles of wine from West Street Live to supply a small town.