All the things we’re going to miss about Night Kitchen

Here for a good time not a long time

With Night Kitchen closing its doors in June of this year, it will be thoroughly missed by people all across Sheffield, from locals to students. The closing parties are looking like events not to be missed, as well as being your last chance to revel in your favourite bits of one of the Steel City’s most popular venues.

Let’s just take a moment to reflect on what makes TNK so impressive.

The decor

If you’ve ever been to Night Kitchen, then you cannot have failed to notice the art work that confronts you. Constructed by Joseph Adams, part of the IOCollective who is responsible for the memorable the giant owl sculptures at Gottwood Festival, the wooden fixtures are iconic. Unique in a way that only NK can be, the sculptures is only one of the artist elements that makes the evening at Night Kitchen so immersive. The graffiti and assorted lights also mean that your Instagram shots are as impressive as they could be.


The one-way system

Like no other club, the one-way system is a feature that entrances anyone who has never been to Night Kitchen. “So what, you can only go through the club one way? How does that work?” By all rights, the system should be a shambles but somehow it works and adds charm to the place. It also makes finding your mates so much easier, as there is only one direction they can feasibly be going. We’ll even miss that slight sinking feeling when you get to the main room, only to calculate that you’ll have to go the long way round to get to the loo.

The variety of acts

While NK focuses heavily on bass and bassline music, the sheer range of music is something that draws in clubbers from across the country. Hosting the likes of both George Fitzgerald, Displace and Dennis Sulta, Night Kitchen is a giant of the Sheffield music scene and their show-stopping bookings will be missed by so many.


The sofa room

As the night wears on the gravitational pull of the sofa room becomes unavoidable, and for good reason. They’re are probably battered old things that swallow up possessions and should’t be seen in the sunlight but its all part of their charm. The room is like a room of clouds, ready to support even the wonkiest of clubber. Not to be underestimated.

Not quite the glory of the sofa room but you get the point.

The toilets

Though by many people’s standards, the toilets at Night Kitchen are dismal at best, they have a lovable kind of charm. It would be okay for you and your mates to talk about the general unkempt visage if anyone like your mates from home were to slag it off, that would be another matter. It’s a mess but it’s our mess right?

Who doesn’t love a toilet selfie?

Actually getting a ticket

Given the immense popularity of nearly all of the NK nights, getting a ticket is something not to be underestimated. The release prices ramp up exponentially and managing to get that early bird is a win. People have been known to start the ticket hunt weeks in advance of the actual date, such is the allure of Night Kitchen. Having a way in is your golden ticket, look after it.

The moral of the story is that Night Kitchen will be thoroughly missed by anyone who’s experienced its glory and that if you are yet to go, please fix that before June comes around.