Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor 2017 nomination: Tom Holford

He’s not your average engineering student

We’re in search of Sheffield’s hottest bachelor, and with nominations flooding in we present to you the Steel City’s finest.

Our next bachelor is Tom Holford, a Mechanical Engineering second year from Oxford.

Tom’s nomination pegs him as a thoroughly down to earth guy as well as a “proper functioning human” which all bodes well. Also described as a “social chameleon”, Tom clearly flourishes in a range social situations so whoever you introduce him to is sure to get along well with this handsome bachelor.

Just look at that, not even posed.

 Throughout his nomination, the understated elements Tom has are repeated, highlighting his toned down cool. Described as being as  “intellectual as they come, without shouting about it. He’s a low-key guy with endless conversation starters and relentless charm.” So if you’re looking for a quietly clever guy that you can still be charmed by, then look no further.

In terms of fashion, he’s a “snappy dresser” so he’s able to dress to impress on a range of nights out as well casually. On top of all this, he “won’t miss a night out to do his assignment (which he’ll still get a solid grade in).” Brains and beauty? Hello.

When it comes to romance, Tom is “single as of last year and open minded” so if you’ve been waiting in the wings, now is your chance.

Hotline bling.

In terms of nights out, Tom’s nomination makes clear that he likes both house and techno (however not tech-house) and disco nights at “solid venues in big cities, also enjoying a nice indie gig from time to time”. So whether your into funky soul or emotional acoustics, Tom is sure to be the perfect companion.  With this wide range of fine tastes, how could our bachelor not steal hearts?

When asked how he felt about being nominated for bachelor of the year, Tom said: “I feel honoured and optimistic. I’m grateful to be nominated (Cheers Mum), I hope I can do Sheffield proud.”

Votes for Sheffield’s Most Eligible Bachelor open soon.