Kim Woodburn will be making a club appearance on West Street

Don’t you start with me, Luvvie

Walking meme and Queen of clean, Kim Woodburn, is set to make her debut club appearance in Sheffield at West Street’s OMG.

Becoming something of a reality TV icon in recent months, we can only hope the Celebrity Big Brother star brings her ‘chicken-livered’ meltdowns and straight-talking insults to her appearance on Friday 17th March.

Flying off the handle at her housemates with sayings such as ‘what a bunch of chinless wonders’, ‘gang handed’ and ‘ratbags’, the thought of Kim harassing punters on West Street with two VK’s in hand is almost too much.

On the event’s Facebook page, OMG wrote: “Your parents might know her from ‘How Clean Is Your House?’ with Aggie & Kim.. But we know her from being the cultural ICON from Celebrity Big Brother 2017

“She brought us the shows FUNNIEST moments, and now she’s coming to OMG to PARTYYYY.

“Hope you ADULTERERS are ready!? This night is going to be HUGE.”

Unashamed trashy TV fan and history finalist, Jess Smith, commented: “I can’t believe my hero is coming to Sheffield, her arguments with Nicole’s mafia mob have been the shining light on these dark winter nights.”

Tickets are £3 and can be bought here.