We asked drunk people at Leadmill what love is

‘One Direction and chicken nuggets’

For most people, Valentine’s Day is just another day to remind you that except from that one person you spoke to on Tinder a week ago, you are probably destined to be alone.

This was no exception for the hundreds of people at the Leadmill Silent Disco, who wouldn’t admit it, but they’d much rather be at home watching Fifty Shades and crying into their ice cream tubs.

So, what could go wrong by asking them what this whole ‘love’ business really means?

Charlotte, Geography, Second Year

Well, you like each other and a bit more?

Olivia, English Literature, Second Year

Wanting to stab someone but you don’t want them to be dead so you don’t

Jordan, Psychology, Second Year 

Oh bloody hell, to feel happy with someone

Abbie, Journalism, First Year

Love is OH FUCKING HELL! That is love

Niall, History and Politics, First Year

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me

Eleanor, Sociology, Second Year

When you’re texting at 3am saying are you up and they say yes because they actually want to see you and not because they want to have sex

Tom, Film and Media Studies, First Year

Love is a chemical reaction in the brain that keeps two humans together so that they can perform their Darwinian purpose of reproduction (it also gets you chocolates)

Sophie, Psychology, Second Year

Embarrassing yourself when you’re drunk and falling in love with everyone you meet

Rebecca, Geography, Second Year

One Direction and chicken nuggets

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