Sheffield’s most eligible bachelor 2017 nomination: Bob Brownlees

He’s known as ‘Body Builder Bob’

We’re in search of Sheffield’s hottest bachelor, and after hundreds of nominations have flooded in, we present to you the Steel City’s finest.

Meet Bob, aerospace engineering third year, and all round hunk. Bob isn’t known in the sports circuits as ‘Body Builder Bob’ for nothing, our bachelor is an avid american footballer and clean freak.

Although, this single pringle isn’t all about gains, he enjoys nothing more than Wednesday night A-Bombs with his fellow Sabres and a good old knees up in ROAR. Bob is commonly spotted roaming West Street in elaborate fancy dress for the occasion, last spotted by The Tab as Bowser from the Mario games.

Friends say Bob’s favourite pastime is singing anything ever featured on a John Lewis Christmas and at the top of his lungs. And he, in fact, has the voice of an angel, seriously.

This bachelor’s romantic history is a little quiet on the relationships front, “Bar One” or two post ROAR rendezvous. Which, adds another wonderful trait onto the never ending list, that of courage – it takes a brave soul to take on a walk of shame head to toe in fancy dress.

Unfortunately this bachelor has the tendency to get “teddy bear zoned” by potential love interests, much to the surprise of those around him. But with friends identifying Bob’s best feature as ‘THOSE biceps’ we reckon he’s a pro cuddler – those ladies don’t know what they’re missing out on.

When asked how he felt to be nominated, Bob said: “I haven’t ever been nominated for something like this before but I’m glad my talents have finally been recognised, hopefully I can go all the way and win”

Voting for Sheffield’s Most Eligible Bachelor opens soon

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