This third year is the spitting image of SaltBae

SaltBae 2 has been born

Third year philosophy student, Mojoo Blythe Piper, has risen to Sheffield fame for his gob-smacking resemblance to internet heartthrob and chef, SaltBae.

The Turkish chef, known as SaltBae, became an internet phenomenon this year as his dazzlingly slick cooking and signature move, a delicate sprinkling of salt, wooed the world.

The new Saltbae

The original video was instantly seized by the internet and has since been turned into a never ending wave of memes.

Simply throwing on a white t-shirt and sunglasses transformed the philosophy buff into the spitting image of the infamous chef.

When asked what triggered the transformation, the doppelgänger told The Tab: “We were literally just mucking about and found some shades in our house and SaltBae 2 was born.”

Ottoman steak ?

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This is not the first time Mojoo has been likened to SaltBae. He said: “Once on a night out in Hastings, my hometown, I sprinkled various friends with salt in a funky style dance move.

“It has become my signature dance, which I like to call the ‘Salt-n-Shake.'”

Things got cheeky as we inquired into if the uncanny resemblance has brought the ladies flocking, to which Mojoo said: “I haven’t received much interest yet, unless you include your request for this interview. How about I sprinkle some sweet loving into your life?”

The new SaltBae

Following the iconic moment the legend sprinkled salt onto Leonardo DiCaprio’s steak, we asked Sheffield’s own SaltBae whose dinner he fantasises about garnishing, to which he replied: “I’d like to serve a table of four: ‘Big’ Sam Allardyce, Chris Tarrant, Erykah Badu and Karl Marx.

“Sam and Chris for the banter, Erykah for the music/ambiance and Marx to make sure its all shared around equally”.

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When quizzed “how much salt is too much salt?” the conversation was left hanging on the mysterious answer of “how long is a piece of string?” leaving us wanting more.

All we know, is that there is no doubt that SaltBae 2 is just as slick as the original.