You are not too cool for Pop Tarts, embrace the cringe

Spice up your life

Sending the Steel City’s most ardent retro pop fans into a weekly frenzy to snag tickets, this beloved and longstanding club night is a Saturday staple for many. A way of life some might say. Both equally brilliant and tragic, Pop Tarts has reached legendary status.

However, some are far too quick to sneer at its dedicated fans, wrongly dismissing the night as just the home of basic bitches and hordes of sports societies.

Let us just accept and embrace it for the guilty pleasure that it is.

Slaves to the retro pop

Firstly, a playlist full of millennium pop hits is undeniably crowd pleasing. From Justin Timberlake to Britney, it’ll serve you with a punch of nostalgia to take you back to when times were oh so much simpler. No looming deadlines or an eternity trapped within the walls of the IC, these signature songs will send you back to a world of naivety and amazingly tacky noughties pop culture. A chorus of Robbie Williams’ ‘Angels’ followed by ‘Sandstorm’ as your 3am farewell song, what more could you want before your familiar trek to Broomhill Friery and Balti King for some post-night out grub?

Also, while nabbing a photo on other club’s halls of fame can be somewhat exclusive, this home of 00’s pop doesn’t judge. Leaving your waviest of garms at home for Tuesday, you can dare to do the unthinkable here and actually ask for a photo. Forget the vintage sports brands, hand gestures and unrestrained grimaces, crack a smile to Shakira and fully champion your inner cringe.

Plus, there is no room for dance shaming here. Whether you have an intense passion for ‘Come on Eileen’ or aim to frantically recreate 2003 Beyoncé every weekend, sprawling yourself across this dancefloor is completely welcomed. Climb on-board the stage, do your best Sainsbury’s vodka induced moves and unashamedly dad dance, it is a free for all and will soon become second nature.

Okay, we can admit that Pop Tarts as a name is incredibly tragic. Sickly and cringe worthy, many might not dare to say it out loud. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but this night lacks pretension and does exactly what it says on the tin. Yes, the ‘themed’ nights never usually live up to their theme and getting hold of tickets can often be like an epic Glasto struggle, but we all know the days beyond graduation without this guilty pleasure will be a dark time.

Don’t be fearful of Pop Tarts, it’s a necessary evil.