Clubbers of the week: post-deadlines special

Freedom never tasted so sweet

The day has finally come and the stress of January essays and exams have been staved off and forgotten about for at least a few weeks. You lot have certainly let your hair down in spectacular style, here are a selection of the best.

Stunners of the week

Werk it.


Blissful, candid.


Hair on point all round.

Attempted kiss of the week

Yep, that’s right go straight in and … bite her?

Girl groups of the week

Brows all round tens.

Smiley and glittery, yes.

Keeping their cool, even at Code.

Steal of the week

The question is, have you ever wanted a small inflatable as much as this guy?

Smise of the week

Smiling? Nearly, this lothario keeps you guessing.

Terrified expression of the week

Clearly she thought she has overcome her fear of bouncy castle’s but alas, it was not to be.

Least ready for photo

I mean they’re not even half ready, the eyes are the window to the soul.

Most pumped of the week

This has to have been in reaction to Beyonce no?


Laaaaaaavin it.

Couple of the week

The cutest pair on the pop tarts circuit by a county mile.

Most surprised by photo

“Ooohhhhh ya bastard”

Most engrossed by jaeger bomb

The drink has clearly taken precedence.


(Photo credits: Tom Andrew, Calvin Merry and Leo Bojesen)