Philip Schofield’s snapchat is the gift the world needed

Soothe us Philip

It has to be said that 2016 was a year of unbridled chaos, with the potent cocktail of Brexit, Trump’s presidency and the Toblerone scandal bringing people to their knees in despair. Through all of this turmoil there has been one shining light in the dark, one man who is making it all okay again.

One man giving insight into his alcoholic advent calendar and his early morning escapades. That man is Philip Schofield.

The world is pretty much on fire but Shofield is delighting his Snapchat audience and gaining a place in the hearts of a generation.

In 2017, nothing has changed and he’s staying true to form. Who wouldn’t want to be treated to Snapchats that are a hybrid of appalling dad jokes and the observations of a silver fox? Your call.

Just a snowman carrying both Philip Schofield and a comically large bottle of wine. As you were.

A highlight from the seasonal period, the majesty of the snowman costume can only really conveyed  through the medium of video but the photo should give you a taste for what you could be seeing on a daily basis.

Tottering through his garden and counselling his snowman steed into delivering him back to his house, its one of those things that you didn’t know you needed to see until its mentioned.

And is a man of the sesh to top it all off.

Not one to shy away from an alcoholic beverage, Schofield’s snapchats of his evenings coupled with the consequent hangovers are just little ways to brighten up your Sunday afternoons.

Luckily, they also comprise strings of actual stories, do away with that film and stick Philip on, you won’t regret it.

We’ve all been there.

Simply by documenting his day to day life, Schofield has enthralled a generation desperately trying to escape the mayhem of the world in its current state. Trump being sexist? May shafting the NHS? Never mind that, Philip is having trouble eating roast chicken crisps dammit.

Ping indeed.

As well as having the humour to please the masses, his selfie taking is one of his finest qualities. The sight of Schofield all dressed up has ladies all over weak at the knees, accompanied of course by his customary cup of tea. The man is a drop of sunshine.

A man of the people, he even responds to fans, answering questions and providing much sort after photos of his icy locks. Schofield is also using his new power to solve debates left, right and centre. The old dressing gown versus housecoat debacle was solved with a quick snapchat to the silver haired fox himself, he’s putting out fires all over the place.

All things being said and done, Philip Schofield is the the king of Snapchat and if you find yourself wanting a slice of the action, his Snapchat is phillipschofe. You can thank me later.