We asked drunk people at Corp to draw Donald Trump

Corp, the epicentre of modern politics


Donald Trump is the talk of the world. Whether it’s his misogyny, his shit hair cut or the fact he doesn’t believe in global warming, something about him makes us all want to punch him in the face.

So where better to get the public’s opinion on his election than the smoking area of Corp?

The vast majority of Corp’s inhabitants can’t really use their legs, let alone hold a pen, and after downing three blue pints, a few vodka mixers and that stray purple pint you found on the floor in the toilets. What could possibly go wrong when being asked to draw a picture of Donald Trump? Drunk or sober though, it is unanimous that everyone thinks he’s knob.

Abi Herbert, English Language and Literature

Yes, that is a knob wearing a toupee. Give this girl a first class art degree from Oxford.

Donno Pollard, Law and Criminology

Honestly, probably most of us mate

Oli Rowarth, Civil Engineering

Those eyes just bore into your soul

Scarily lifelike

Will Rayment, Civil Engineering


Pretty sure that’s Hitler

Harry Gold, English Literature

Harry couldn’t quite put his feelings for Donald Trump on paper – it all got a bit much

That guy that presents Corp TV

Subtle. Understated. Effective.