Outrage as post-exam Pop Tarts sells out within six minutes

Athletics bought up 800 of them

Students have been left in outrage after post-exam Pop Tarts this coming Saturday sold out in less than ten minutes.

Those attempting to access the website to buy tickets were shocked when the website said “sold out” at just 10:06 this morning.

People had to resort to asking in Facebook Freshers pages for tickets.

It’s thought that the Athletics Society have bought 800 tickets for students from other Universities coming for BUCS next weekend. However, students from the University of Sheffield are furious that tickets for the Union’s event are being sold to students from other Universities.

One said “It’s infuriating that after working for a month, revising for my exams, Pop Tarts was the light at the end of the tunnel after all the exam stress, and now it turns out the tickets are going to people not even from uni.”

Another student made the point that they should have held a “ROAR” night on Saturday in the Octagon for the BUCS competers, and kept Pop Tarts where it was.

It’s thought that a limited number of tickets will be available in Bar One next Saturday, but the demand is expected to be huge.