The Tab Sheffield want you to write for us this term

Don’t tell us you’re not tempted

The Tab Sheffield is looking for new writers to join our growing team.

We know, you’ve been saying for the whole of first term that you would join a society, and the time has come for you to join the best on campus.

No experience is required, and whatever you study, be it a cheeky bit of nineteenth-century classics or computational fluid dynamics, we want you to join. Who wouldn’t want to get their name out there to eight million readers a month?

Add another angle to that procrastination in your dingy student room in Crookes by breaking stories across a global news network. The Tab has 52 teams in the UK, 77 all over the US, and one team in Canada. Sheffield continues to grow as one of the top UK teams producing stories students actually care about, often reaching the top 10 for monthly views.

You can interview people like this

From covering homophobic assaults and even a student brandishing a gun in halls, we have broken exclusives that have been picked up by The Daily Mail, The Mirror, and The Huffington Post to name a few.

Our features and argument content covers everything from Balti King to animal rights, while our fashion stories track the latest campus trends and are always bound to be some of our most shareable articles.

Giving you nearly enough options as the West Street Live drinks menu, you’ll have the chance to contribute your news and opinion pieces to Babe, which is the fastest growing women’s site on the internet.

If it wasn’t tempting enough, The Tab Fellowship gives you access to great work experience at The Sunday Times, SWNS and VICE to name a few, as well as CV tips.

find yourself eating a kilo of burrito like this trio

Fear not, It isn’t just all news and features. In between being told to go back to school and being compared to tins of alphabetti spaghetti, The Tab are fully committed to sesh. Socials are an important part of our calendar and we live for our legendary nights out, whether that be sprawling all over West Street or in Balti King at 3am.

A fine selection of a team provided these enticing quotes below:

Laura Bell, Editor

“I couldn’t recommend signing up for The Tab more highly, it is the best thing I have done at uni – you get to write on pretty much anything you like, the socials are hilarious, and it has opened so many doors for me. You find yourself in situations you never expected, like documenting yourself eating a kilo of burrito, interviewing Nick Clegg, or having a nap in the paternoster.

Sophie Wilson, Fashion Editor

The Tab has given me invaluable experience. Writing for a large audience has lead to work experience opportunities and it’s really fun to work as part of a team and come up with ideas.”

Come on, you know you want to. Change your destiny today by signing up here, getting in touch via our Facebook page, or sending us an email to [email protected]