A sinkhole has opened up in Sheffield city centre

Chaos reigns.

A large sinkhole has opened up in the car park of Decathlon, down by Bramall Lane in the city centre. The hole opened up on Monday evening and the car park has been closed off since.

The large hole, which appears to be above an underground stream, is about the size of a van. None of the surrounding roads have been affected, but the area has remained  cordoned off.

On Monday night, a member of staff at the site said that it was not known when the shop would reopen but he thought it could be a couple of days.

This is not the first time a huge sinkhole opened up in Sheffield. Last year, collapsed old mine workings caused a 20ft deep hole to appear on a road linking the suburbs of Woodseats and Millhouses.

With students buckling under the pressure of exams, it seems Sheffield itself is also giving up the ghost.

Picture: Barrie McAllen.