Police issue brothel warning after Sheffield massage parlour appears on TV

Although they offered no specific comment on City Sauna.

City Sauna owners and staff appeared on A Very British Brothel, a Channel Four documentary earlier this week, giving the public a candid look at what goes on behind closed doors.

South Yorkshire police have issued a statement as although prostitution is legal in the UK, running a brothel is illegal.

South Yorkshire Police, Chief Inspector Richard Lambert said: “All information coming to the attention of the police concerning criminality is carefully considered and treated on its merits, however we offer no specific comment about City Sauna.”

“Where clear information is available that any premises is operating purely as a brothel, then that location is visited and thoroughly examined by officers. Once any safeguarding issues or other vulnerabilities have been established and taken care of, if there is any suggestion of criminality that will be addressed where appropriate and where evidence allows.”

Chief Inspector Richard Lambert also commented that “it is recognised that on occasion an individual premises may contravene the law and where that occurs, proportional and specific action is taken at that location to address any issues that may be present. Again, this is conducted with the protection of the safety and wellbeing and any vulnerable or exploited persons that may be at that premises as the key priority”

“The overt running of any of these businesses as ‘brothels’ is not something that South Yorkshire Police accepts and appropriate steps would be taken if this were found to be the case.”

A  spokesman for Sheffield Council also said: “Premises that operate as saunas or massage parlours can apply for a licence under the Licensing Act 2003 for the sale of alcohol or provision of entertainment. Any allegations of criminality are passed to the police for investigation”