Clubbers of the week: end of deadlines celebrations

Your mate’s probably in this

With swathes of people handing in their final essays pre-Christmas and the looming January exam season, you’re making the most of the work lull in impressive style. Here are a selection of the highlights from this week.

Stunners of the week

90’s vibes on point.


Groups of the week

An album cover if ever I saw one, no?

From the selection of outfits to the facial expressions, its all gold really.

Most corped selection of people

Showing the many stages of a corp night in one photo, cute.

Disgruntled couples of the week

“Save it for later angel.”

“I mean this is literally the fifth photo we’ve had and it’s getting no better.”

Concerned aside of the week

What could possibly be going that wrong?

Most excited for wonderwall

Who knew this was going to come on?!?

Fish photobomb of the week

In her happy place.

States of the week

Sterling work gentlemen.

Quite literally done.