Brace yourselves: Plummeting temperatures set for Sheffield

It’s all downhill from here

England and Wales experienced the coldest night of the season on Tuesday night, with temperatures dropping as low as -9.4C in some areas of the country, the lowest November temperatures since 2010.

The icy temperatures have surely not gone unnoticed, and according to the Met Office it’s set to get colder for the weekend.

Some areas are still expected to get a fair amount of frost, so it’s time to pull out the big guns and sleep in hats, scarves and coats.

December 1st officially marks the start of the metrological winter, which ends on February 1st, so it looks like the icy winds are here to stay.

Good luck in that freezing student house of yours.

Across the board of the Met Office’s predictions for Sheffield daytime, the actual recorded temperature and the ‘feels-like’ temperature are wildly different, with each day feeling several degrees lower than it actually is. Brilliant news.