All the mistakes you will make in Tiger Works

The motherland

Tiger Works has undoubtedly become the place to be in recent times, with it upgrading from a stop on a bar crawl to the unrivalled destination. A strange mix of a bar and a club with an interesting blend of both locals and students, by all accounts Tiger Works should either be a shit show or simply implode. But nay.

Nine out of ten times TW is an incredibly messy night. If, by some unfortunate series of events, you are yet to experience Tiger Works in all its sweet glory, then this is every drunken mistake you can expect to make.

Everyone loves a triple

You will foolishly try to sneak in wearing trainers

Tiger Works being what it is, still has a dress code and if you think you can sneak in trainers then think again.  You will be able to get in wearing all manner of fancy dress (including, but not limited to, a lobster, jellyfish and shark) but one hint of a scruffy shoe will not be tolerated. Be prepared to get stared down by the bouncer. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

You will try and order a triple

Infamous for being the home of the triple vodka mixer, this may have been one of the things to draw you to Tiger Works in the first place. So imagine the disappointment when the person behind the bar tells you that they don’t serve them.

However all is not lost, you can simply order a double with that extra shot. Drunk efficiency literally knows no bounds.

You will spend a lot of time trying to Shazam that old familiar song

So yet another top song has come on and you cannot for the life of you remember when you heard it last or why you ever stopped listening to it. Chance are its either Pitbull (aka Mr. Worldwide) or Sean Paul but its better to be safe than sorry.

How far horizontal can you get realistically?

The DJ will send you a withering look based on your song request

Having requested a selection of songs on numerous occasions, it has been confirmed that whether you ask for Drake or Fuse ODG you will be given a killer side-eye that suggests you need to reevaluate all of your life choices.

You’ll think a five pound round is a good idea

It’s that time in the night where another vodka mixer isn’t going to cut it and you need to spice it up. Thank god the infamous ‘five pound round’ (sometimes incorrectly known as ‘the awesome foursome’) didn’t die with Vault. For just five English pounds you can get yourself a VK of your choosing, a single vodka mixer, a shot and a tiger bomb. Yaassss.

Three poor life decisions, and shedding of all dignity later, you might decide this wasn’t your greatest plan ever.

The stairs down to the toilet will claim your dignity

For reasons still unknown to humanity, the Tiger Works stairs are located at the planet’s core. When and if you manage to get the the bottom of the steps you will try and manage to get yourself into one of the narrowest toilets known to man you’re then faced with what seems like more stairs on the way back.

Fancy dress is encouraged

You’ll challenge the locals to a dance off

Tiger Works is home to a selection of locals that will be sat on the high seats (with no backs just FYI, caution is advised) watching and waiting for the opportune moment to launch themselves onto the makeshift dance floor. Creating an eclectic mix of people, it is more than likely that not just the locals will be dancing like absolute maniacs and you will 100 per cent be joining in and competing.

Though you’ll probably feel those slut drops tomorrow.

You’ll wake up with a keyring that has your face on it

Any veteran of Tiger Works will be familiar with the photographer cum keyring creator. In your drunken state, the picture that has just been taken is the best thing that has ever happened and needs to be immortalised immediately. Who paid for it? Chances are you will never know, but the keyring, treasured by many, is a welcome addition to the post-night out scramble to find your possessions.

But who are we kidding? No night at Tiger Works would be complete without every single one of these happening to you. Long live TW, the jewel in West Street’s crown.