Clubbers of the week

Naughty November continues

In the week that gave us Trump’s presidential victory and #TobleroneGate, the sesh pushed on in the Steel City. November might be much colder and darker, but that can’t hold Sheffield’s finest clubbers down.

Stunners of the week 

Picture perfect

Tie bite of the week 

Nothing like a bit of polyester x

Dabbers of the week 

Sometimes you have just got to let it go

Spillage of the week

Look at all that fine VK going to waste

Polo shirts of the week

When the lads’ buttons are done right up and the banter is on top form

Health and safety risk of the week

Leave no man behind

Embrace of the week 

‘We are beautiful no matter what they say’

Harambe of the week 

Let this be the end of Harambe-mania

Finger point of the week

Ttwo fingers in the air for TTC

Multitasker of the week