An interview with Paul Joseph Watson

We spoke to the Sheffield born man having a huge impact on the U.S. election


Agree with Paul Joseph Watson or not, it’s hard not to be charmed by his ranting Sheffield accent and geek-chic glasses. While many see him as a bigot, racist, sexist and offensive, others simply see him as saying things no one else would dare to whisper.

Producing videos from his Battersea home, his video about Hillary’s health gained over five million views, and he has more than 500,000 followers on his Twitter @PrisonPlanet.

Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter and YouTube

Given that you are now bigger than Madonna on Twitter, is it safe to say that you have overtaken Sean Bean as Sheffield’s most famous export? 

Madonna is not the biggest anything anymore, she might be the oldest slag on the planet given her behaviour, which isn’t befitting of someone at virtually Grandma age. She needs to grow old gracefully.

Sean Bean’s popularity is also on the wane. I knew someone who met him in a pub in Sheffield and said he was a pompous twat. He also supports Sheffield United, which automatically makes him a cunt. I could never respect anyone who supports Sheffield United.

The good news is that I always get recognised in London by young people. There’s a growing army of under 25s (even some teens) who are truly rebelling by getting off the leftist reservation and daring to express their opinion even in the face of the snarling, intolerant hatred that passes for “liberalism” today.

Is there one news story that you’ve spoken about that sticks in your memory? 

I made a YouTube video questioning Hillary’s health and it went completely viral and re-started a huge firestorm. This coincided with Hillary’s poll numbers collapsing (like her on September 11th), and even the Washington Post had to end up admitting they were wrong for calling people like me “conspiracy theorists”. It was a massive victory and completely messed up their narrative. I knew before I even made that video that it would be a game changer, and it was.

You live in London now, what do you miss most about Sheffield? 

The ability to isolate yourself and truly be alone. Also, I miss going to the football (Wednesday of course). I miss the general sense of stillness that you still get up north – it doesn’t exist down here and that’s why there are more mad people and stabbings. There are many areas of London where you wouldn’t even know you were in the U.K. since the native culture has been almost completely supplanted by halal butchers and Polski skleps.

What is it that motivated you to be so confident and outspoken about politics? Was there a particular event that happened which made you driven and politically aware? 

I didn’t have a particularly conventional adolescence, which obviously afforded me the time to think about what I wanted to do with my existence rather than spending it being wasted and desperately trying to be cool. By 18, I was virtually tee-total and exercised three hours every day. I was completely driven and knew that I had embarked on what would shape my entire future. I grew up on a council estate and never had any money so I guess the primary drive was to just be able to support myself, and then it gradually developed into an all encompassing effort to force the world into acknowledging my existence.

Alex Jones, the Alt-Right and Infowars

How did you meet Alex Jones? 

He headhunted me after he liked what I was doing with my own website. I met him when he came to London after 7/7.

How would you define the Alt-Right? Would you classify yourself in that category? 

I’m not really Alt-Right. A lot of them are incredibly obsessed with Jews controlling the world and I could never allow myself to become that obsessed with anything since I get bored of subjects rather easily. That brand of the Alt-Right behave like right-wing social justice warriors, but there’s also another camp who are just sick of being let down by traditional conservatives who have only succeeded in losing almost every argument to the left over the last 30 years. I identify with those guys.

You’ve been described as a “sweary Alan Partridge”. What do you think of this comparison?

It’s odd because there would be a lot more laughs to be had out of comedy characters based on Triggly-Puff-looking, insufferable, bed-wetting, righteously indignant social justice warriors. Comedy is something else that the regressive left destroyed in the U.K. I’m old enough to remember when British comedians were funny. They were still left wing, but were at least daring and prepared to offend. British comedy is now the most sterile, boring, safe-shit imaginable. It’s an embarrassment.

Your views are portrayed as ‘radical’ by some people. Do you think you’re being courageous by saying what you think and not saying what we’re told to think have you ever felt intimidated by people?

Brexit was a chilling example of how truly intolerant and despicable the left in this country are. I know people whose own parents almost disowned them because they voted leave. I have probably received in the region of 300 death threats – mainly from Muslims who want to prove Islam is a “religion of peace” by killing me, as well as Black Lives Matter supporters.  I now really enjoy the death threats because I post them all on social media and they allow me to illustrate how we are stupidly shaping society to cater for the most aggressive, hateful, bigots imaginable. The left denounces people like me as bigots for standing up for true liberal principles which made Western civilisation great in the first place.

You have over 300,000 followers on Twitter. There’s evidence to say that Twitter suppresses stories they don’t want to be successful. How long do you think Twitter will be considered an open forum for discussion?

Their stock is tanking, they are having to fire employees and their reputation is in the toilet. Banning Milo was like Barcelona sacking Messi – he was their most entertaining brand and they sacrificed him to please shrieking, joyless social justice warriors.

Twitter’s “Trust and Safety” panel is a who’s who of far-left anti-free speech groups who specialise in censoring anyone who dares challenge their worldview. It’s a shame because I’ve put countless hours into completely dominating Twitter and I get more retweets than some celebrities with 10 million followers. But they will eventually go the way of MySpace. I’d give it three years.

Do you think they’ll ban you? Do you ever self-censor your messages for fear that they’ll be banned? 

I tactically self-censor. Twitter is now caving to leftists who think that disagreeing with them on Twitter or merely retweeting their idiotic comments is a form of “harassment”. I’ve scaled back on this so they don’t have an excuse to ban me before the election, but if I don’t get banned by some platform sooner or later, be it Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, I will consider myself a failure. Facebook is actually worse in a sense because you get an automatic ban for using certain verboten words like “faggot” [A reference to Milo Yiannopoulos’ “The Dangerous Faggot Tour”]. I’m left alone more than others who have repeatedly been targeted for censorship. Maybe I have some friends on the inside who think my accent is charming or something.

If Twitter and YouTube decide to ban you for being a radical, where do you go to spread your word?

They can never shut me up. They would have to throw me in prison. I will always have Infowars and the Alex Jones Show, which grants me a platform of millions of listeners and viewers.

President Donald Trump, Pepe the frog and Breitbart

What’s your view on the mainstream media in the U.K.? Have you been following their coverage on American politics?

There are many mainstream reporters who privately reach out to me and are big fans. Out of all of them, the Express and the Mail report things most accurately. But there is no Fox News equivalent in the U.K. In some cases, Sky News is even worse than the BBC because it pretends it’s to the right of the BBC (which isn’t difficult) but then reports issues like the migrant influx and Donald Trump atrociously.

As a Brit, what do you have to say about the fact that unlike Breitbart, Infowars and Drudge, the BBC has not run a single “pro-Trump” article in their U.S. coverage? According to polls, half of American voters think Trump is the person we want for President, but in the U.K. we haven’t heard a good word about him. Aren’t the BBC supposed to report news without bias? Is the BBC failing to fulfil their duty? 

The BBC is basically Pravda at this point. They’re now actually considering not calling terrorists “terrorists” because calling terrorists “terrorists” might be seen as politically incorrect and hurt terrorists’ feelings. What I’m going to do about it is bite chunks out of their audience – with pleasure.

Why do you think I get almost 200 million Twitter impressions a month? Why do my YouTube videos get millions of views even though it’s just some ranty Northerner sat in front of a world map behind a webcam?

It’s because people are desperately searching for an alternative. They instinctively know the BBC is bullshitting them. They know that every single story they report is beholden to maintaining the leftist consensus. I mean look at the utter ludicrousness of the “child” migrants who arrived in Croydon. Anyone with functioning brain cells could see these men were not children. Some of them were in their late 30s. The BBC insults our intelligence on a daily basis and only the incredibly naive can’t see that at this point.

The BBC still absurdly insists it is impartial when it clearly isn’t, whereas I am honest, up front and open about my bias. People can see an authenticity in me that the likes of the BBC can never provide.

Even though Hillary has a long history of bad press with regards the email and FBI scandal, Benghazi and being bought by big companies and banks, why do you think that so many young people and celebrities still endorse her?

She’s actually doing really badly amongst millennials in the U.S. and her own campaign has repeatedly expressed their frustration at her not being able to connect to young people. Celebrities endorse her because if they didn’t their careers would be finished.  The regressive left cannot tolerate diversity of opinion, which is why celebrities are petrified of speaking out. In Hollywood, conservatives have to behave like a secret society and have clandestine meetings merely to express their views, otherwise they would be excommunicated from the entire industry.

Do you think Trump is giving the U.S.A. a referendum on the American establishment?

Yes. Trump says himself that he was part of the establishment and that he has now turned against it to tear it down. That’s why they hate him. The media, Wall Street, Hollywood, big businesses, neo-cons, neo-liberals, globalists. The establishment hates Trump. Trump is the ultimate counter-culture icon. He’s a middle finger in human form. All the uni kids who truly want to rebel should embrace Trump.

Pepe the frog is a very popular meme amongst students. The Democrat party described Pepe the frog as racist. Do you agree with this?

Gassing people to death because of their ethnicity is racist. Cartoon frogs cannot be racist.

If you could send one message to uni students, what would it be?

Drop out of university, it’s totally pointless and a colossal waste of money.

After the election, what’s next for Paul Joseph Watson?

To fuck the world and make it cum hard. If Trump wins, I’m moving to America.