Best dressed at Peddler Night Market

Wintry vibes all around

Street food, art and live music. Bonfire weekend at Peddler Night Market was the place to be.

Everyone was dressed in their very best winter garms for this month’s night market. The weather’s getting colder, but that didn’t stop the Peddler crowd looking their best. Just add a chunky scarf and a fur coat to transition from autumn to winter. Here are the best dressed, those who know how to do winter dressing stylishly.

Olivia Betts, Ben Bertram and Sally Potter

Olivia, Ben and Sally stand our for their glamorous looks. Olivia’s metallic top and sandals make her outfit elegant and ensure that she stands out from the hoards of people wearing plain black and navy. Her jewellery and long coat add an air of sophistication.

Ben’s look is classic, but the minimalist pieces work well together. We love the chunky scarf that stands out but still runs with the outfit’s neutral tones. Sally looks glamorous with the fur collar and even dares to face the Peddler cobbles with delicate stilettos. These three are squad goals.

Nic Hearnshaw 

Nic’s outfit perfects the balance between comfort and style. The leopard print coat makes her stand out, whilst the scarf and gloves keep her warm. The classic jeans and trainers combo makes the outfit come together effortlessly.

Laura and Tori Thomas

Sisters who wear striped trousers together stay together. Sisters Laura and Tori show how summer’s popular patterned trousers trend can be carried through to the winter. Just add a sporty puffa for a seasonal update.

James Mitchell, Warwick Hunt, Megan Frith

Megan works a coloured fur coat, which are very on trend at the moment. Paired with black heeled boots, she shows how simple pieces are all you need for a stylish look. Warwick’s hat is very hipsters in cold weather. His suede jacket is the showstopping piece though. The rest of the outfit is relaxed and casual, ideal for chilling out at Peddler. James goes for cold tones, with his fitted coat fixing the outfit together. We especially love his shoes.

Megan Spence 

Megan’s coat is perfect for the cold weather. The rest of her outfit is comfy and understated. With a statement coat there is no need for excessive accessorising.

Jennifer Povey

We love Jennifer’s checked trousers. Worn with a fur gilet layered over a turtleneck, she creates an eye catching, skillfully coordinated look.

Dil Kaur

We are in love with Dil’s boots. Patterned boots are really in this season and can be picked up from most high street shops at the moment. A long coat is an essential for looking dramatically stylish despite the cold weather.

Sarah Lewis

Sarah coordinates her dress and scarf perfectly. The summery pattern of her dress complements the simplicity of her coat and shoes.