Bar One is holding an all-night screening of the US Election

See the final showdown from the comfort of Bar One

To celebrate one of the most momentous US elections in decades, Bar One and the Politics Society will be hosting a Presidential Elections Party tomorrow.

Kicking off at 10pm on Tuesday 8th November, you’ll be able to see one of the most talked about events unfold with live coverage through to the early hours.

The night promises games, giveaways, themed cocktails and is completely free to get in.

Right until the new president is announced, a suitably all-American menu -including corn dogs and themed burgers- will also be available.

It is expected to get very busy, so pop down early to grab a spot and join in with the prediction box games and quizzes on all things Hilary and Trump.

Jim Chaplain, History third year, thinks Bar One is the best place for the event: “I would much rather get the news of Trump’s victory and the end of the world in a fully licensed bar.”