The best of Sheffield Tinder

“No dick pics”

Tinder gives you the perfect opportunity to curate a profile that will win the hearts of many, or at least get them to swipe right and win you a few matches. We have collected Sheffield’s best Tinder bios. This lot have taken the time and effort to come up with some truly charming chat-up lines. Read on for romance.

The eggplant emoji is the emoji of true love

Dogs before dicks

Yeah you are!

We are being sold a lie

You had me at Bourbon biscuit and lost me at 2 inches

Boy, bye 🙂

Better not give him your address

Red Stripe and DJing definitely don’t give off a pretentious vibe

Baby steps, baby steps

Has anyone ever told Fatt not to talk about politics on a first date?

The Tab, “One of the best bios in Sheffield!”