What are you most afraid of?


With Halloween upon us, we decided to find out what scares you most and the variety of answers did not disappoint. From the expected to the rogue, here are the answers, maybe it could inspire some last minute costumes.

Theo Wing, Neuroscience, fourth year.

It has to be the legs, right?

Jess Foster, English Lit, second year.

A unique one, with both aeros and sponges posing a problem.

Adam Levick, English Lit, third year.

Drama queen much?

Nick, Geography, third year.

Specifically, falling from the sky.

Alex, Geography, first year.


Lucy Miller, Geography, first year.

You and me both.

Elisa Uginet, Chemical Engineering.

I can see that.

Helen Coyle, English Lit, second year.

A perfectly reasonable reaction after The Smiler incident