Notty House pies are what dreams are made of

Treat yo self

Before you came to Sheffield, the humble pie may not have been something to really shout about. Maybe more of just a standard pub grub meal. Notty House pies are however a big deal. Slathered generously in gravy and bound to sort any hangover right out, these filled pastry wonders are a uni staple not to be missed.

A Notty House pie’s power lies in its ability to turn an awful day into a glorious one. Maybe you’ve got one hell of a Corp hangover, been bogged down by deadlines or attempting to break the ice with a frosty flatmate. A Notty House pie is the solution.

Found along Witham Road and just down the road from Endcliffe, the Broomhill pub may look very unassuming to an unaware passerby. However, behind the painted green exterior is a student hideaway home to undoubtedly the best pies in the whole of Sheffield.

Firstly, the price. £7.20 for the pie and chips, or mash if you will. This is exceptionally cheap, but don’t let it fool you into thinking this is just your average, run-of-the-mill pie. These are no Pukka Pies. Absolutely not, the price is frankly a steal for both the massive portion sizes and the deliciousness of the meal.

Most importantly, the pies are genuinely divine. Regardless of your selection from the menu, the ratio between filling and the buttery golden pastry is always on point. From the classic chicken and mushroom to red pepper, artichoke, and feta for the veggies amongst us, the oozing fillings and rich authentic flavours deliver on every visit. The steak and ale pie is your classic comfort food option, complete with tender meat, traditional herbs and proper ale to give your meal a real full-bodied taste. Steak and stilton is another winner – wonderfully rich, earthy, and the fine cheesy addition hits you with its characteristic punch.

Of course, a good pie is nothing without a crispy pastry casing. Notty House certainly doesn’t neglect its pies on this front. Enclosing the hearty filling in a light and moreish shell, the combination of short crust and puff is completely delightful. Accompanying the pie, the mash is perfectly decent and serves its purpose, but the option of proper twice-cooked chips should be what you opt for here. The fact that they are clearly homemade is what makes them so great and the tasty waxy and super-fluffy texture only adds to overall pie experience.

Adding to the dish further, a serving of old-school mushy peas or ‘Yorkshire’s caviar’ as they’ve have previously been called tie everything up. And finishing the whole thing is an undisputed necessity, a slathering of warm thick gravy. There’s little doubt you’ll be satisfied after meal, but despite the food-induced coma, you’ll be tinged with a certain sadness that it’s all over. Over the next few weeks, every time you even get slightly peckish, your mind will wander back to that Notty House pie you had, that blissful experience.

We know you’re drooling now.

After one visit, you’ll develop actual cravings to go back for another bit of homemade heaven. The beautiful thing is that it is a bargain and there isn’t a need to justify going back.The satisfaction a Notty House pie provides is second to none. The excitement before ordering, the joy when it arrives, the waves of familiar warmth, all good enough to diminish any trivial worries about dieting or hitting the gym. Who cares about abs when there are pies?

It’s common knowledge that everyone in the north loves a pie and one soaked in gravy as well.  Its everything you want and need in a meal – tasty, filling, yet inexpensive. Completely humble, but warming, hearty and authentically northern. This is what solidifies the status of a Notty House pie as the ultimate Sheffield dining experience.

If we didn’t mention it, it’s the best type of pie you will ever have.