The best places to go for coffee in Sheffield

Hello pumpkin spiced latte season

Sheffield is definitely not short of boasting a huge range of independent shops, restaurants, cafés and bars, spread all across the city for us to enjoy.

As we are now entering the Autumn/Winter season – which, let’s face it, is going to last what seems like a lifetime – there is no better way to escape the harsh Yorkshire winds on a cold rainy day, than to visit one of the many quirky independent coffee shops and cafés with your pals.

Steam Yard

Having just come second for ‘Best Cheap Eats’ in the North, in The Guardian Observer Food Monthly Awards, tucked away just off the indie metropolis that is Division Street, Steam Yard is rapidly becoming one of the most popular places in the city for great coffee and donuts. Inhabiting what used to be an old silverworks building, it is positioned at the back of a pretty courtyard between a tattoo parlour and costume shop.

There is an intimate café atmosphere both inside and outside, where you can really take in the aesthetic of the traditional building.  With it’s edgy inside interior, New York deli style sandwiches and amazing range of donuts, fronuts and kronuts (donuts with ice-cream, marshmallows, Nutella and all manner of other sweet things), Steam Yard definitely offers more than just your average cup of coffee.

The Lucky Fox

Just a stones throw away across the road from Steam Yard is The Lucky Fox. Even though it’s most famous for it’s amazing fried chicken, waffles and lucky shakes, which everyone in there is always trying to get the perfect Instagram of, it is also a super ideal place to grab a coffee. It’s quirky decor and American style dinner atmosphere, creates a completely different vibe to your standard coffee and brunch outing, making it a truly unique spot in Sheffield and a new rival in the coffee shop scene.


This cosy cafe just off West Street, brings a unique, New-Zealand style cafe atmosphere to the streets of the Steel City. It has a wide variety of alternating coffee blends (they also do an amazing hot chocolate) and a small fresh food menu, as well as a counter stacked with baked goods from The Depot Bakery. With it’s location so close to uni, it is an ideal spot to pop in in-between lectures, where you’ll be rubbing shoulders with fellow students and trendy locals.

They also have another, bigger cafe, in a former silversmiths in the heart of Sheffield’s Cultural Industry Quarter on Arundel Street.  This charismatic venue, bursting with industrial charm, is ideal if you’re looking for something a bit more substantial with you’re coffee, as this Tamper has a bigger food menu offering a range of breakfast, brunch, lunch – and on a Friday evenings, dinner menus.

Marmadukes Cafe Deli

Centred just off the main high-street on the pretty cobbled streets of Norfolk Road, Marmadukes is arguably the best cafe in the town centre to go and enjoy a good coffee in a rustic, beautifully decorated, nordic style setting. If you’re feeling a bit peckish, it has an amazing food menu, full of fresh, locally sourced produce to cater for all your brunch needs at any time of day. Even with the recent introduction of table service at the cafe, Marmadukes still retains a relaxed vibe and is perfect for a cute coffee outing with a big group.

Upshot Expresso

This ultra stylish and trendy coffee house is definitely one of the coolest places to sip on a cappuccino. With it’s minimalist and serene interior, this edgy speciality cafe on Glossop Road takes it’s coffee (and latte art) very, very seriously. Offering a variety of coffee blends from around the world as well as a classy brunch menu and a range of cakes and donuts (everyone in Sheff just loves donuts) there is so much to choose from and try out. There is also a range of coffee-barista related products and magazines on display around the cafe for sale, tempting you into purchase, to try and re-create that coffee magic at home.


This adorable cafe on Barber Road may be small, but it is one of the cosiest and prettiest spots to chat over a coffee and a slice of cake. Alyssum combines the quaint charms of an English country tea-room with unique flavours and dishes from Greece, creating a cafe like no-other. With an amazing selection of homemade cakes always on display on the counter to tempt you, for example their Kinda Bueno cake which is the stuff of dreams, this cafe offers a charming experience and really is a delightful little gem in the heart of the student suburbs of Crookesmoor.