The Leadmill paint party photos are a sight to behold

They can only be described as majestic

In an effort to fully embrace the Fresher’s week cliches, Leadmill hosted a UV paint party in an effort to make all the Freshers feel like they never left Zante this summer.

The photos from the paint party are nothing short of incredible, with the paint either looking like they are receiving a money shot or dramatically taking a bullet.

We discovered this goldmine of photos, and feel this modern masterpiece needs to appreciated – feast your eyes.

She has no idea what is coming.


Literally not one person has closed their mouths, schoolboy error


Top off, channeling Zante vibes


In a uniform of french plaits, these freshers are prioritising the distribution of paint on them, its all about the aesthetic.


Taken like a champ


Who knew such joy could come from a paint cannon?


“Just get it on my face yeah?”


Here, the multi colours add a sense of depth and passion to the composition of the photo.


In a modern reinterpretation of the Titanic, these two are sharing their last embrace.


Really throwing herself into it


I mean c’mon now, full fringes are hard enough to maintain at the best of times.


The paint here is subtly highlighted and emphasised by a good bit of guy-liner.


Spot the horrified expression