Clubbers of the week

The start of lectures hasn’t slowed you down

So work is pilling up and the pressure of impending assessments is looming, but the logical choice is to go out right?   Lectures have done little to slow down you all down and here are the highlights.

Stunners of the week

Working the angle x

Eye roll of the week

When Pop Tarts takes what is left of your soul.

Drink spill of the week

She knows whats coming but it is all too late.

Kiss of the week

It’s a crowd pleaser


Steady on boys.

Tragedies of the week

Let the madness end.


C’mon now, the glasses with that shirt?

Worst pun on a hat

What did the world do to deserve this?

Biggest selection of crazy eyes

The more you look the funnier it gets.

Most impressive lean back

The out of frame scene must be something special.

Trousers most in need of a belt

Maybe a hint of underwear but this is taking the biscuit.