We went to Cow’s vintage party and it was so chilled

Face masks and funky clothes

With Lush goodies, DJs, free drinks and free entry, Cow’s vintage party on Tuesday was the place to be. We couldn’t resist heading down there for an evening of browsing vintage deals, making our own Lush cosmetics and soaking up the vibes, free drink in hand.

Thrown by everyone’s favourite West Street vintage store, Cow’s party brought a fun, DIY atmosphere to the shop floor. Balloons and shimmer curtains ensured that the party got into full swing.

The party started at 4 and went on until 8, but as the space is considerably small so there was no need to spend more than an hour there. Upon arrival we were greeted by cosmetics brand Lush, who asked us if we wanted to make our own face mask to take home for free.

We got to work mixing the all-natural ingredients together. We had to wear latex gloves because it got pretty messy. The end product was Lush’s Cupcake face mask, which smells of chocolate and is usually quite pricey. It was interesting to see that the products that go into Lush’s face masks really are completely healthy and natural.

DIY Lush face mask

After making the face masks, we headed over to the bar where you could get either a rum and coke or a vodka lemonade for free. The drinks were disappointingly small, but they were free so we couldn’t complain. We wandered around the shop for a bit, browsing their crop tops and patterned shirts.

The music wasn’t particularly loud, so the party was very relaxed, though that may have been because we got there fairly early and it wasn’t yet dark outside. The live DJs made a difference from the usual shop soundtrack though, which made it feel more special.

Most customers were acting like it was a normal visit to Cow. We stood around chatting and soaking up the atmosphere for longer than usual, but everyone spent there time searching through the rails like an ordinary day.

It was definitely worth going to Cow’s party, but the best part was making the Lush face mask. There were some good offers on the clothes, but Cow is still more expensive than a lot of other Sheffield vintage stores. It was a very chilled out evening, with a lot of edgy attendees. Make sure you check it out this time next year.