‘Killer clowns’ spotted in Sheffield

One was arrested in Newcastle this week with a knife

A creepy looking clown has been seen speeding on a mobility scooter through Sheffield.

Sheffield’s sinister clown has been seen whizzing outside the New Barrack Tavern pub on Penistone Road and other parts of the Hillsborough area yesterday. The creepy figure was filmed by an onlooker and has received over 200 shares on Facebook.

Complete with a white face and bright red hair, the clown character has also been keen to show his support to Sheffield Wednesday with a “SWFC” attached to the front of his scooter.

The clown was filmed by a scared onlooker

The craze, which started on college campuses in the US, now seems to have spread to UK soil.

One was even arrested in Newcastle with a knife on Tuesday.

The news also follows the prosecution of the local “Donny Klown” last month.

Richard Vallance was given a suspended 12 month prison sentence, £200 compensation charges and a 25 day rehab programme for deliberately scaring two healthcare assistants in Doncaster.

He was also banned from uploading photos onto social media to promote the “Donny Klown” persona.

Meanwhile, another character named the “Doncaster Clown” broke their sixth month silence on Facebook with a disturbing message that said: “Get ready, I’ve done my time and I’m coming back this weekend. Don’t let me see you out…”

Education finalist, Sophie Wakefield, commented: “They can fuck off, that’s terrifying.”