Clubbers of the week: Freshers’ Week edition

Brace yourself

With students from all over the country pouring back to Sheffield, you wasted no time in going out and featuring in some exceptional club photos.

Not only are young freshers being set free and unleashed on Sheffield, the Freshers’ Week veterans are proving that you don’t need to be a first year to let loose.

Stunners of the week

Ful marks for brows


Blondes have more fun

Wannabe roadmen of the week

Them ones where you just can’t go to Corp without your snapback

Lick of the week

“Had a great time meeting my new housemates”


Poor boy hasn’t realised what is happening yet


Most tragic group

Not only are they dabbing, the angles all off


Accidental photobomb of the week


Worst t-shirt slogan

Sorry, you like moustaches or something?

Headgear of the week

I mean the mask doesn’t even fit


Took a wrong turn on the way to the wedding?

Transcendent experience of the week

The silent disco has him now

Oldest freshers of the week

Might be time to call it a day now lads

Pregnancy club photo of the week

Looks like hard work to say the least

Expressions of the week

A top range of faces, befitting the time travel they are obviously experiencing