Best Dressed: Freshers’ Week Edition

Kicking off the year in style

A new wave of freshers hit Sheffield last weekend and you’re looking great, despite the freshers’ week hangovers. Congrats for trading pyjama days for wearing edgy garms down to uni for Intro Week. Here are the BDOCs of freshers’ week 2016:

Hannah Winnan, Russian and German Second Year

Comfy wide leg trousers are perfect for wearing to uni.

Emma, psychology first year

Floral midi skirts aren’t just for the height of summer

Catherine Maddox, Korean Studies and Business Management Third Year

Coloured coats bridge summer and autumn.

Lara Latta, Chinese Studies First Year

A patterned dress needs no accessorising. Add trainers to dress it down, or chunky jewellery to dress it up.

Aysha Harris, Politics and Philosophy First Year

Edgy freshers’ essentials? A denim jacket and your grandma’s skirt.

Elizabeth Jones, Politics and Philosophy First Year

The range of patterns and textures freshen up the all black everything trend.

Zahra Khan, History and Hispanic Studies First Year

Biker jackets are an autumn classic. Update them with on-trend patterned trousers.

Catherine Stainer, History First Year

A burst of colour brightens up this sporty look.

Steph Lake, Geography First Year

A stripy top and a pinafore is a fail safe style choice.

Heather Elkins, History First Year

Pinafore dresses are here to stay.

Galina Strelko, Clinical Neurology Masters

This top is so chic, proving how you can dress up your outfit with just one statement piece.