What to wear for Freshers’ Week in Sheffield

Leave the school leavers hoodie at home

Freshers week doesn’t have to be all about pyjama days and tracksuits. It is your first week of uni and the perfect time to make a stylish impression.

It will be a busy week, so you need to ensure that you will be comfy, but that doesn’t have to mean giving up on style. As Coco Chanel once said: “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway.”

You probably won’t be bringing your entire wardrobe up to Sheffield, so this guide will help you decide what to bring (skinny jeans) and what not to bring (high heels).

Don’t be afraid to be bold

Don’t be afraid of experimenting with fashion. Freshers’ Week is the perfect time for reinvention. Maybe try out that new daring fashion trend, or wear a bright colour that you would usually stay away from. A statement bomber jacket or colourful fur coat are both stylish ways to stand out. Dressing up is a great way to make an impression and, if you get it right, you will have started the year as a campus style icon.

Be comfortable

On-trend trainers or Doc Martens will help your feet survive their first week of Sheffield’s hills. Also, make sure that you wear what you feel confident in. You don’t want to spend the whole day and night worrying about what you look like when you’re meant to be spending that time making new friends and having a great time.

Be fashion forward

The ’90s made a huge comeback last year. This trend will still be a big deal in Freshers’ Week amongst stylish sets. Mom jeans, sports jackets and chokers are essential. However, looking into the future, fashion industry insiders have predicted that the ’70s will be big this autumn. Burnt orange tones, flares, paisley and tweed will be at the forefront. Fashion blogs and websites are great ways to find out more about this season’s most fashion forward trends.

Versatile pieces are key

Think skinny jeans, boots and turtlenecks. As the weather gets colder, add a camel coat and chunky scarf. What makes them perfect for Freshers’ Week is their adaptability. You can wear them all day for meeting tutors and going to freshers fairs, then go straight out in them afterwards. If you want to add a bit of glam to your night out, just add a chunky necklace to the look. Leather jackets are also perfect for wearing during the day and on nights out. If you get too hot wearing it when you’re out, just tie it round your waist.

Know your nights out

Sheffiled nights out are pretty relaxed. For most clubs, anything goes. Wednesday at Corp is the only night where there is a specific dress code and you have to wear school uniform. Occasionally someone doesn’t wear school uniform, but they stand out so much and just seem like they’re trying to ruin everyone else’s fun.

For Sheffield’s other club nights, it’s best to wear something casual. You can take your day outfit into night just by putting glitter on your face. If you’re heading to Hopeworks or Night Kitchen you might want to get a vintage sports jacket, but that’s only if you have a desire to look like every other person there.

What not to wear

Uncomfortable heels 

They will leave you with blisters and significantly lower your enjoyment of the night. Aside from this, they just look over the top. Other than Viper Rooms, heels and bodycon dresses are a no-go for nights out. The only time posh heels are acceptable is for society socials, which are fairly formal and boring anyway. By all means wear heeled boots or chunky sandals, but, trust me, you don’t want to be hobbling down West Street hoping that your heel doesn’t get stuck in the tramlines.

Sixth form leavers hoodie

Nothing screams clueless fresher more than a school leavers hoodie. Yes, they’re comfy AF, but if you do bring it with you, make sure it doesn’t leave the flat. You’re not at school anymore, so if you want a comfy hoodie to wear in public at least invest in a Sheffield Uni one.

Pyjamas during the day

Pyjama days are really great, and the perfect way to cure the Freshers’ Week hangover (a.k.a. the worst hangover you have ever had). If you have to leave the flat to pop to the shops or go down to uni, change into something else. Even leggings are marginally better and just as comfy.