Sheffield to have a ‘happiness clock’ installed for Festival of the Mind

It will use Twitter to rate the mood of the city

Sheffield is to have a ‘happiness clock’ beamed onto the side of the City Hall and the Cathedral.

Researchers from the University of Sheffield are installing the mood clock as part of the university’s “Festival of the Mind”, taking place from 15th to the 25th September.

Using data from Twitter, researchers, using an algorithm, will be able to detect ‘happy words’ and measure what the mood of the city is, before beaming an emoji-style cartoon onto the building.


On their website ( you can also enter your Twitter handle and it will provide you with results as to what kind of person you are.

Chris Blackmore, one of the leading researchers, said that he didn’t want people to feel like happiness was being “forced down their throats”, but wanted them to respect the differences in emotions.

He also wanted to make people more aware that what they say on Twitter might not always reflect how they see themselves.

It’s thought that around 20% of the city use Twitter. Researchers have already found that people are at their happiest between 6am and 8am.  Three years ago, Sheffield was named the happiest city.