Clubbers of the week: Tramline’s finest

The steel city’s most notorious and fun-filled weekend didn’t disappoint

Tramlines returned to Sheffield for its eighth and biggest year yet, and you wasted no time enjoying it. Sit back and enjoy the weekend’s photographic highlights.

 Best fancy dress

Mario Kart eat your heart out

Raucous af

Youngest raver

“Bands just not doing it for me mate”

Stunners of the weekend


‘When you see bae talking to another guy in the club’ of the weekend

Top squads

that drink/dress coordination

daytime fun

amazing selection of wavy garms

Best withering look

“say that to my face”

Bass faces to be proud of

guns out x


the longest finger gun in existence

Most enthusiastic human

check that fist pump

Best action shots

The family that raves together, stays together


the selection of hair generally has a life of its own In this one

Close up of the weekend

my oh my