Outrage as Wiley didn’t show at Tuesday Club Summer Carnival

He’s being a massive diva about it

Fans were left heartbroken last night as Wiley didn’t show up for his set at Tuesday Club Summer Carnival. The legendary rapper was set to join Preditah, Cause and Effect and Elf Kid, to name a few, at the sell out finale of the year.

Pre-drinks across the city were blasting out bangers like Wearing My Rolex and Heatwave, eagerly awaiting being able to belt out the lyrics to the man himself. Yet, were left with the taste of bitter disappointment.

This follows after Wiley failed to turn up to his last three shows. Instead, Elf Kid extended his set and Cause and Effect came on earlier, to make up for their flaky co-performer.

The man himself took to twitter to throw a Kanye-esque tantrum and act like a diva in light of his no-show, claiming that “the Rolex & Heatwave days are over. Done never coming back”.

Would have been nice to know before TTC booked you

Ego is clearly in check

The saddest news we’ll hear all year

The Tuesday Club, clearly mortified, released a statement on Facebook this morning saying: “Obviously we were all very disappointed by the lack of appearance by Wiley which we deeply apologise for. He is one of our idols, and a legend in the game, but unfortunately decided not to come and perform for you guys in Sheffield last night.”

“We had been given a guarantee from the agent and his management that he would be coming to the show, and that he was boarding a flight to the UK on Monday in time for the show, and even up until about midnight last night we were under the impression that he would still be coming to the event.

“Unfortunately, at this point it was too late for us to find a suitable replacement. We feel like we have been let down by Wiley, his agency and his management, and feel that we did everything in our power to ensure that he would be coming to the event, and that the fact that he decided not to was completely out of our control.

“We understand that you guys, the fans, must also feel let down by Wiley and by us, and for that we apologise, but hope that you still had an incredible night regardless.”

And to make up for the disappointment, they have said that all ticket holders for last night’s event will be able to get a discounted ticket to a TTC event when we return in the Autumn which will be announcing nearer the time.