Pop World announced as the 8th worst club in the country

The worst of the Carver Street bunch

Pop World in Sheffield has been officially announced as the 8th worst club in the country, following a heated national vote.

The club was described as a spiritual experience, that clearly some people just don’t understand. Where else can you dance to The Makarena with a VK in hand, and drown out the stresses of uni life? For many the novelty fancy dress, endearing locals and free toast have always been a winning combination for Carver Street fun, but sadly just not enough to save Pop World from this nomination.

Fancy dress is second nature

The neon-adorned club achieved 9th place with 169 votes, finishing just below both Forum and Oceana in Nottingham.

Clearly some of the more hopeless chain clubs have taken a hit in the votes, but what is it about Sheffield Pop World that gives it the je ne sais quoi over other Pop Worlds? Perhaps Sheffield students are reacting to the only club that actually plays a Drake song as a practical joke, before mid-way cutting back to the Barbie song.

In a strange twist, Pop World actually came runner up to Plug for the ‘best nightlife’ award in Sheffield just three months ago. Clearly the club remains a tacky enigma for Sheffield, we just don’t know whether to love it or hate it.