A music video about the IC from 2008 has surfaced

“Put ya Ucard number on the back of my hand”

Recently, an iconic blast from the past has resurfaced with a vengeance: Krishna Mistry’s music video ‘IC girls’.

The video is described by him as “My take on the song ‘I see girls’ by studio B, about girls at the Information Commons at University of Sheffield”.

Here is the glorious video sweeping the Steel City:

The opening line tells you all you need to know, with the clear yet delightfully  subtle pun “you know IC you girls” causing girls across campus to swoon at the lothario that is Krishna Mistry complimenting their “book like an hourglass”.

Dating back to 2008, which was actually 8 years ago, the somewhat grainy video looks like it was filmed on a flip up Motorola. But time has not tainted the iconic video’s majesty and with lines like “I’m on floor five with my pen drive” there really is nothing not to love.

There is even the invitation to “put ya Ucard number on the back of my hand” which is all a girl really wants. Though it is not clear how that information would help him do much more than take your exams for you or take a book out of the library, but you can’t  fault a guy for trying.

The man, the myth, the legend

Complete with questionable dancing across the building, the moves you haven’t seen since your year six disco are given a new lease of life. Think group in-sync walking sequences and vague pointing into the distance. However, these moves are not to be over shadowed by the man himself lounging outside the IC in a pose that can only be described as relaxed and alluring.

A gift from above during exam season, the music video puts into song the library boyfriend/girlfriend dynamic and is in fact the perfect way to get their attention. No longer must you settle for the “I look first, you look back” relationship, as all you need do is send the video to the object of your affection and watch the magic happen.