The best of Facebook freshers page meltdowns

Combat your stress by laughing at other people’s breakdowns

Exam season is now in full swing with £3 meal deals, multiple coffees and long evenings becoming a staple. Finding a seat in the Diamond or IC has become a matter of life and death. And it’s become the norm to cry on a  daily basis.

One way to save your sanity is to peruse the many ways other students are attempting to keep it together in this time of sadness. Freshers pages on Facebook seem to be a breeding ground for insanity, so having got up early to save your seat at the library, enjoy some of the ways people are trying to survive.


If you know, you know.

Ingenious or capitalism at work?

Exams are stressful enough with eyesight, let alone living in a blur.


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We’ve all been there.


Surely it would have VagQuest on the inside, no?


You’ve got to take your wins where you can them.


When Tinder doesn’t yield results, you have got to take the fight to the suitors.


Someone has unleashed their stresses on a centrepiece, no-one is safe.