We tried Humpit: Sheffield’s new hummus and pita bar

Welcome to hummus heaven

Despite its amusing name, Humpit is serious about hummus and pita.

Everyone knows that hummus and pita are essentials for the modern student. They are eaten for breakfast, lunch, a snack or an alternative to chips for your post-night out carb cravings. There’s now a tasty alternative to the plastic packaged Tesco pots we keep in our fridges. Humpit opened in Sheffield last month, with queues out of the door on its first few days. We tried it out to see if it lives up to the hype.

Pita paradise

Hummus and pita is often a light snack, but not at Humpit. The portions are huge. Despite the menu being mostly limited to chickpeas, salad and pita, you will definitely not leave there still hungry. If you have ever wondered how much hummus you could possibly eat in a single sitting, this is the place to find out. Sorry meat eaters, Humpit is 100% vegan, adding another location to Sheffield’s vegetarian friendly map.

Hummus for dayyys

Humpit does hummus like nowhere else. It is so much smoother and fresher than supermarket brands. Though it is healthier and more substantial than lots of other fast food chains, it maintains the fast food prices, with a bowl of hummus stuffed pita costing only £3.90, making it little more expensive than buying your own and an ideal destination for eating on a student budget. Fresh lemonade is also served, which will be perfect in the summer.

Are you ready to humpit?

Humpit, a word combination of hummus and pita, is aware of the humour in its name. Humpit condoms were handed out to students at Leeds Beckett Students Union when Humpit opened its first bar in Leeds last year. It is also the perfect place to visit for a hump day treat.

Man vs. Hummus

Situated on Leopold Street, just at the end of West Street, the only downside is that it closes at 5pm, meaning that our post-West Street Live pita and hummus cravings will not be catered for.