The best part of a night in Sheffield is sitting on the Hope Works sofas

They’ll change your life

If you are unaware of what Hope Works is, it is an old WWI armaments factory just outside the city center, and is home to some of the most exciting DJs playing in Sheffield throughout the year. In its time hosting musical talents from across the world, Hope Works has gained a reputation for intimate, quality performances.

However, the venue’s crowing glory is the sofa collection situated just behind the crowd of fans, and is undoubtedly the unsung hero of the entire enterprise. As the night progresses, the lure of this circle of mismatched sofas and armchairs increases, dragging even the most energetic of party-goers in.

A few hours into your night of dancing, to whatever delightful event is taking place, your legs may feel a tad tired or you may just crave a few minutes to compose yourself. Either way the only place to make a beeline for is the haven of leather where nothing bad could ever happen.

To grab yourself a spot involves a canny and watchful attitude as everyone is willing to abandon their dignity and launch themselves at the nearest couch cushion with gay abandon. It’s a dog eat dog world where the HW sofas are concerned – like the Hunger Games, but only set in a warehouse in Sheffield.


After you’ve snagged your VIP space, it is when you notice that the spot you’ve got is next to someone you don’t know. In the embrace of the chairs, the bonds of friendship are strong and many a life long mate has been made during bizarre conversations in the cloud-like safety of the sofa circle. And it’s a sure bet that these your new sofa buddies will make a cameo in your snapchat story.

Though you probably wouldn’t want to see them in the stark light of day, the Hope Works sofas are delightful on the majority of your other senses. The moment when your friend turns to you with hopeful and excited eyes and suggests “sofas?” is one of unbridled joy, the night has taken a turn for the majestic.

The best of friends

Once you’ve sunken into the leathery embrace of those bad boys, the likelihood of you wanting or being able to move again is very unlikely. You’ve got a hug in a chair and your still in the heart of the music, it’s the dream.

So the next time you find yourself having a whale of a time enjoying Hope Works and all its sweet musical glory, remember the sofas: the ultimate highlight to your night.