Street Food Chef opens on Glossop Road

Grill and Go has competition

Whilst many of us have been mourning the tragic loss of the Greggs on Glossop Road, it’s been replaced with a glorious new Mexican canteen. 

The group have already gained fame through their Pinstone Street and Arundel Gate venues, the latter of which offers the notorious burrito challenge: £14.99 for a burrito 3.5 times the regular weight.

So happy


If you’ve ever had Chipotle in London or the USA then you’ll have lamented the fact that there was no such place near you that could get your Mexican street food fix, but no more. It will be selling a range of  food including burritos, tacos and quesadillas.

The family run venture is spread across Sheffield increasing in popularity because of the locally sourced, freshly made food. There are even gluten and dairy free options you lucky things.

English finalist and burrito enthusiast Joanna commented: “You won’t be able to get me their fast enough.”

The menu lets you build your own burrito, with differing sizes, meats and salsa so you can let loose with exciting wrap based fun.

To make things even better you can grab authentic Mexicali drinks including Jarritos and Desperados. Open from 10am-10pm, you can have a lunchtime bev or even make it your watering hole of choice for pres.