Uni ranked in the top 10 for producing future CEO’s

Oxford and LSE didn’t make the list

Sheffield is one of the best universities in the UK for producing CEO’s and other top management positions. 

The list compromised by Emolument, analysed 26,000 graduates from across the country to reveal which universities are the most likely to produce successful business leaders.

The data placed Sheffield Uni in 9th place, producing  2.3 percent of senior management professionals in the UK.

Perhaps unsurprisingly , London Business School was the front-runner (5 percent) and Cambridge came in at second place (3.9 percent).

Completing the list,  we beat Brunel University into 10th place (2.2 percent).

Best universities to become a CEO/ CTO/ Partner

The report states that we secured our place above other universities, because graduates from the likes of Oxford or LSE are more likely to pursue careers with larger corporations.

This rules them out of the list and means they’re less likely to become a CEO.

Also,  the entrepreneurial spirit of Sheffield students seems to be the way forward as we opt to launch our own businesses.

Less likely to achieve places on bigger graduate schemes with top banking firms, we are instead said to be eager to join start-ups and climb up the ranks to leadership roles that way. 

Look at all those potential high- fliers

Other universities to make the cut included Birmingham, Leeds Met,  Royal Holloway, and Leicester.

Alice Leguay, Co-Founder of Emolument, said: “It’s a very different world from a few years ago when the most aspirational jobs where finance and consulting at blue chip firms, usually going to top-tier Classics, or History university graduates with little idea of what the business world entailed.

“This new professional world order is an open door for professionals without top academic credentials to show they are just as, if not more effective in the workplace.”