Where has the Ranmoor cat gone?

Please come back

Lost? Locked away? Catnapped? Fears grow as Sheffield’s favourite feline goes off the radar. 

Meet Ranmoor cat, the most popular ginger feline this side of Yorkshire; a local celeb, and the head honcho of university accommodation. Those lucky enough to have met the feline will have almost definitely spent 40 minutes coaxing him into their flat at some point, in the hope of getting a cheeky Snapchat together with a paw emoji.

Time to find that old can of tuna

The feline rose to fame in early October, once freshers caught wind of a novelty they were all over it in a PR launch that rivals Nando’s. One look at his Facebook page and you’ve got the full picture – nearly 700 friends, frequently snapped on nights out and in a self-proclaimed “open relationship”. Yep, this cat has a better social life than you.

But where is our favourite lothario now? After his initial rise to fame, sightings of Ranmoor cat have been few and far between since our return from the Christmas break, with the old flirt being papped in just one  late night rendezvous.

The last known sighting – 25/01/16

When you know you’re a solid 10

Rumours circulating have suggested that Ranmoor cat has actually been banned from the student accommodation, whereas others speculate his owners have kept him under lock and key since he got too fat from all the student feeding.

Medicine fresher James said: “I heard its real owners had found him and taken him home … I guess we can always see the cat on Beech Hill Road if we get lonely.” But is this Beech Hill Road cat really the same? We think not. Wherever you are Ranmoor Cat, know that the Ranmoorians are waiting. And they have tuna.